How can we move up the emotional guidance scale – intentionally?


There are no shortage of teachers who have created their own version of the emotional guidance scale, and for good reason: it’s a powerful tool for anyone to use to increase happiness.

I first learned about the emotional guidance scale from Abraham Hicks, who contends that when we are in a negative emotion, we only need reach for something that feels better – even slightly better.

The emotional scale is a sequential order of emotions. At the bottom of the scale you will find emotions that feel the worst to you, and at the top, you’ll find emotions that feel the best to you.

As you begin at the bottom and move upwards, the feelings get progressively less and less bad feeling.

Fear feels terrible, but jealousy feels better than fear.

Jealousy might suck, but Anger actually feels better than jealousy.

You might feel overwhelmed, so you reach for a better feeling and you might just move into being frustrated- which feels better than being overwhelmed.


Simple enough, right?


Let’s talk about how to use the emotional guidance scale to level out your day, so that you have more good days than bad.

The first step to using this scale is to be aware of how you’re feeling. Believe it or not, most people don’t know how to label what they feel. They’ll say they are feeling overwhelmed when they really feel something much lower on the scale like powerlessness or discouragement.

A person might say they feel excited, but the reality is that they are actually afraid, and the feeling of excitement tends to feel a lot like fear.

It’s a skillset that we have to learn how to develop in our lives – to be able to adequately and accurately identify what we’re feeling. When you can do this, it will help you to be intentional about moving out of that vibration.


Let’s look at an example.

Imagine you go to work and you’re in a great mood – feeling optimistic about life, excited for the day, and the first thing your coworker tells you is that she got the promotion and raise that you had applied for.

Instantly, your emotions drop down that scale to jealousy. Yes, you’re pissed, but the worst feeling that is rolling around is pure jealousy, and it feels terrible.

You’ve been betrayed.

In this example, you can use the emotional guidance scale to improve your vibration intentionally, because you know how you’re feeling.


I love a hands on approach to my thoughts, and so this is the process I used to reset my vibration when it’s been put through something unexpected.

Your thoughts create your emotions.

So if you think “I love my dog” it causes you to feel love or gratitude.

If you think “she’s so annoying” it causes you to feel irritation.


At the heart of every emotion you feel is a thought that created it.

So the first step is to write down the thought that is creating your emotion.


Right now in our example, the thought might be “That should have been me.” which is a statement of jealousy.

In order to move up the scale, we need to design thoughts that create a new, less horrible feeling emotion.


On that scale, if we are deliberately trying to shift out of the emotion into something that feels better, we can follow the process you see here on this diagram.  Starting at the bottom with jealousy, we can identify the jealous thoughts.

Then, deliberately moving up the scale, we can rewrite new, better feeling thoughts.  Abraham Hicks has a process called the Focus Wheel, and this is an adaptation of that process.


Do you see how we were able to take the thought that felt terrible and shift it slowly into something that felt better?

Just by focusing on thoughts that feel progressively better, we can go from jealousy to gratitude.


But it’s also entirely possible that you can only go from jealousy to contentment.

Or jealousy to doubt.


It doesn’t matter how far up the emotional guidance scale you move in a single setting – it only matters that you move up the emotional guidance scale period. To anything that feels better vibrationally.


It also matters that you deliberately notice how you feel and work daily to shift the parts of you that are hanging out in those feelings that feel absolutely terrible to you.


Want to learn more about this scale and how to raise your vibration intentionally? Check out the Elevate Method and start living a high vibe day today.