How To Release Resistance – Learn to Let it Go


Abraham Hicks talks about your inner being a lot and how when you want something to manifest in your life, your inner being celebrates like an introvert leaving a party and begins moving all of the components around – to make it happen for you.

The only thing blocking you from receiving it quickly:  you.

The beliefs you have around that thing you want are the only thing in the way and today, let’s talk about how to release resistance once and for all.

release resistance


Let’s assume you decide – consciously or unconsciously – that you want a new job because you are miserable at your existing job.

The moment you decide that you want a new job, your inner being is working magic behind that curtain – making it happen for you. Lining it all up and laying out the plan to give you what you desire.

But you have other plans.


  • But what if I can’t find one that pays me. as much money?
  • What if I hate that one too?
  • What if my boss at this job finds out and fires me before I find a new one?
  • What if I’m not qualified for the one that I want?
  • What if it’s too far from home?


You have so many “buts” and “what ifs” happening under the surface that you’re building a wall.


And I know that you don’t mean to do this. You genuinely want what you’re asking for – you just have no idea how to let go of those “buts” – also known as resistance.

Here’s the thing you need to understand to release resistance:

You’re never going to raise your vibration around the thing that you want.

As long as you have those “buts” in the background, there is resistance about that topic.

That does not mean all hope is lost.  You can still make it happen for yourself by doing one very simple, yet crazy complex thing:

Stop thinking about it.

Only the things you think about gather momentum. If you’re not thinking about it, it’s not gaining negative momentum – which means the Universe can make it happen uninterrupted.

But if you keep thinking about it, trying to release resistance in the statements of your mind, you’re focusing on it. -negatively – and that builds negative momentum.  Which blocks you from receiving what you want.


Instead, deliberately and intentionally focus on other things to release resistance.  Specifically, other things that are fun for you. The gym, reading, singing, cooking, or going for a walk with your dog.  Whenever you notice yourself thinking about the very thing that you know you have resistance around – pivot into a thought or activity that you KNOW is fun for you.

And you’ll do that over and over and over again… until you’re finally out of the way, and you can be in that “receptive mode.”  You’ll finally release resistance from your mind


You don’t have to feel good about the thing you want to attract into your life to release resistance.  You just have to feel good. About anything, and you can attract everything from that place.


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