Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of one of these things:

  • Astrology
  • Enneagram
  • Myers Briggs
  • Strength Finders

Personality analysis based on your birth date and time are not new, however there is likely a type of analysis that you haven’t heard of:

Human Design.




Human design is a system that is based on your birth date, time and location to generate your energetic blueprint. It’s a spiritual technique that helps you learn things like:

  • How you’re meant to make decisions
  • How you engage with people
  • Your energy levels
  • Your life’s purpose
  • And literally so much more.

Human design was created by Alan Krakower – also known as Ra Uru Hu – to help every human uncover incredible discoveries about how you are wired. It’s an energetic blueprint of the unique creation that is you.

It all starts with running your chart (you can do that here for free).

When you run your chart, it’s going to look something like this:

human design bodygraph

The bodygraph shown above can be confusing with shapes, lines, colors, numbers and arrows, so let’s unpack what each of these is and how it can help you learn about yourself.


The first thing you’ll learn about yourself is your Energy Type.

There are 5: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector and Reflector.

Each type includes a detailed description that includes:

  • Energy levels (how you are meant to work and create)

  • Strategy (how you move through life and say yes to opportunities)

  • Authority (how you make decisions)

  • Signature theme (how you know you’re living according to your design)

  • “not self theme” (how you know when you’re out of alignment).

manifestor human design


  • 9% of the population
  • You are here to blaze the trail and be a fire starter, starting movements
  • Strategy: To inform – do what you feel like doing, but make sure you inform others that you’re going to do it.
  • Signature theme: A Feeling of peace
  • Not Self Theme: Anger/Irritation. Indicates that you are ignoring your soul urges and pushing against the world.
Generator in human design


  • 37% of the population
  • You are here to lift people up and bring more life to the world by doing what you love
  • Strategy:To Respond – follow the path of what lights you up and do not choose things that don’t excite you
  • Signature theme: A feeling of satisfaction – you’ll feel satisfied when you’re living in alignment
  • Not Self Theme: Frustration – you’ll feel uninspired, unengaged and frustrated when you’re not living in alignment.
MANIFESTING generators in human design


  • 33% of the population
  • You are not designed to be linear like everyone else. You’re here to inspire people to believe they are limitless
  • Strategy: To respond + inform – respond to what excites you, and tell the world what you’re doing so that it can have success
  • Signature Theme: Feelings of Satisfaction + Peace. You will have a sense of energy well spent, a feeling of fulfillment and contented peace
  • Not Self theme: Feeling of frustration and possibly irritation/anger – Feels like stagnation, uninspired living, and possibly feeling burnt out
Projectors in human design


  • 20% of the population
  • You are here to guide and not do. You see things differently, and are here to share your wisdom
  • Strategy: To wait for the invitation. Wait to be invited or recognized in some way before you advise or give guidance
  • Signature Theme: Success. You’ll feel validated, recognized and successful.
  • Not Self Theme: Feeling of Bitterness. You’ll feel annoyed and resentful if others don’t take your advice, or things aren’t going your way.
reflector in human design


  • 1% of the population, rarest energy type
  • You are here to be a mirror and show people where things are going well, and where things can be better. You are insightful, empathic + a chameleon.
  • Strategy: Wait up to 1 Lunar cycle before making any big decisions. You get more clarity by taking time to percolate.
  • Signature theme: A feeling of surprise. You’ll feel delighted at life, and surprise at your experiences
  • Not Self Theme: A feeling of Boredom/Disappointment – you’ll feel pressured, bored with life, and the need to retreat due to disappointment.

On your chart, you will notice a section called Authority. Authority is how you are meant to make decisions, and this is determined on your bodygraph by which energy centers (the shapes) are colored in and defined.

Emotional Authority

When your solar plexus is defined, you have an emotional authority. This authority does best to wait until you are cool and collected before you make a big decision. If you are having a big emotional swing – high or low – your decisions may not be as aligned as if they are made when you’re emotionally neutral. You may say yes to things you really don’t want, or no to things that might be a good fit if you make decisions from an emotional swing.


Sacral Authority

When your solar plexus is NOT defined, but your Sacral center is, then you have a sacral authority. The sacral center has the job of giving you a “hell yes” or a “hell no” feeling to everything that crosses your path. Your job is to tune into that sacral center and if something is a “hell yes” then you follow that path. If it’s a hell no, then you say no. Your job is to follow things that excite you on a gut level, and don’t follow things that feel like a no


Splenic Authority

When your solar plexus and sacral centers are undefined, and your spleen is defined, you have a splenic authority. Your spleen is in charge of your instinct and survival, and your splenic voice is a voice that speaks to you in a moment. Your splenic response will tell you what is right or healthy for you in the moment, and unlike the Sacral which works in a yes/no fashion, the spleen offers open ended guidance. With a splenic authority, it’s important to learn how to tune into your intuition and hear that voice.


Heart Authority

If you have an undefined Solar Plexus, Sacral and Spleen centers and a defined heart Center, you have a Heart Authority. This authority asks one question: “Is my heart really into this?” If the answer is yes, then go for it. If the answer is no, then pass. This can feel like a selfish authority, but you are designed to make decisions based on whether you want to do something or not.



G-Center Authority

If you have an undefined Solar Plexus, Sacral, Spleen and Heart centers and a defined G Center, you have a G Center Authority. Your clarity comes from talking your way into things. You literally need to hear yourself talk it out and process things verbally. Otherwise, you get lost in your thoughts, and make no progress. Instead, speak out loud on a topic/decision until you have that lightbulb moment.


Mental Authority

If you have no energy centers defined below the Throat Center, and you have some combination of Throat, Ajna and/or Crown Centers defined, then you are a Mental Authority. Only Projectors can have this authority (mental projectors make up about 2% of the world). This authority is about tapping into what makes logical sense to you. You are meant to look at the data and information and figure out what next step makes the most logical sense.


Lunar/No Authority

If you have no energy centers defined, then you are a Lunar Authority. Only Reflectors can have no authority. Your job is to allow the world to give you the answer in the next 28 days. Waiting one lunar cycle to make a big decision.


Each of the types have unique ways of moving through life, and your human design type dictates – beautifully – how you can best support yourself energetically in this life.



Manifestors are energetically big, and are meant to follow urges when they have them. Slow Living for a manifestor often looks like avoiding the strict 9-5 schedule and leaving space so that they are free to follow the impulses when they arise.



Generators have incredible stores of energy and when they are doing something they love, they can do it all day and never tire. At the end of the day, Generators need to use up all of their energy. But most Generators are using up their energy on things that are leading to burnout. Slow Living becomes essential for Generators who are people pleasing, doing things that don’t light them up or just doing something to keep busy because they have enormous stores of energy. By slowing down, a generator allows space to hear that sacral response and follow the impulses that excite them.



Manifesting Generators are similar in that they have huge stores of energy to use up. But that energy needs to be used on things that light them up, and because they have that manifestor energy in there, the energy flow isn’t always consistent. Slow living is essential for MG’s to add space and time to rest, and regenerate their energy. MG’s need to sit for a day or two before making decisions, and avoid making impulsive decisions. MG’s are also huge people pleasers, and they feel like they need to constantly be doing something. Because of this, by adding slow living to an MG’s life, we allow them space to rest, which yields more energy, and more ideas, and more life force to share with the world.



Projectors are the poster child for slow living. Projectors are not meant to work more than 2-3 hours a day because they have limited energy stores, with no defined energy centers. What takes other energy types 8 hours, a projector can get done in 2, as they are exceptionally efficient. Outside of those work hours, Projectors need rest. Space to hone their area of genius and be alone to regroup their energy. Slow Living is critical for projectors, as it allows them the habits and space to live true to their design without burning out. Projectors often feel like they have to work all of the time because the generators of the world are doing so, and projectors often see themselves as lazy or unmotivated. Slow Living creates intentional space and acceptance for what is a natural part of being a Projector.



Lastly, Reflectors are non-energy beings, and pick up all of their energy from other types of humans. Reflectors are made to live slowly by design, as they require time to make decisions, a ton of rest to process the energy they pick up from others, and they require intentional space to reflect. Reflectors need to be incredibly mindful with their physical environment and the people they allow into their space, as it directly impacts the energy they experience. Slow Living for a projector helps them be more intentional about situations and environments they are in, and by adopting the principles of slow living, a Reflector creates new habits that support the innate nature of their energy type.


No matter what type you are, Slow Living is a critical element to intentionally create space so that you can live true to your design, and move through life aligned to your energetic blueprint.

If you’re ready to embrace Slow Living and create habits that support your unique design, check out Slow Living for Beginners.

It’s a game changer for your energy, your happiness and the way you feel inside of your own life.

slow living movement